You will receive two types of rewards by lending your tokens on Zenith:
  1. 1.
    General deposit APY
  2. 2.
    ZNT rewards

Deposit your token

1. Find the token you want to deposit from the money market.
2. Fill in the amount you want to deposit in the "Green" area.
3. Authorize your transaction if this is the first time you do so, and confirm in your wallet.
4. Confirm your deposit and do the same in your wallet.
5. Your deposit has been confirmed!

Collecting your ZNT rewards

1. Find your ZNT rewards from home page.
2. Ensure you have some rewards ready to claim; otherwise you only pay for the gas but receive nothing.
3. Click the Claim button and confirm the transaction in your wallet.
4. You will receive your ZNT rewards in a few seconds.

Withdraw your deposit

1. Find the token you have deposited from the money market and click Deposit/Withdraw.
2. Switch to Withdraw
3. Fill in the amount you want to withdraw, and click Withdraw now.
4. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.
5. You will be able to see your deposit back to your wallet in a few seconds.
When you withdraw deposits used as collateral, make sure your health ratio is in a good shape.

How to deposit WCUBE?

1.Wrap your CUBE to WCUBE at a 1:1 ratio via Capricorn.
2.Back to money market and dposit your WCUBE.
WCUBE cannot be used as gas, so make sure you always hold a certain amount of CUBE as gas.