In addition to the lending & borrowing, farming is a great way to earn ZNT rewards on Zenith.

Farming Guide

1. Visit the Farms page.
2. You’ll see a list of available farms.
3. Click the button to view details.
4. Providing liquidity to get LP Tokens (If you don't have any LP tokens).
5. Redirect to the Capricorn, add liquidity to get LP tokens, please read how to add liquidity.
6. Putting your LP Tokens into the farm.
7. Click the "Authorize" button and confirm your action in your wallet.
8.Confirm your "Stake".
9.After a short wait, you will see your new staked LP Token balance in the details.

Adding or removing LP Tokens

You may decide you would like to add more LP Tokens, or to take some out.
1.Return to the Farms page, you'll see a "My" toggle. Click the toggle.
2.Find the one you have LP Tokens in, and click to view details.
3.Like last time, type the amount you would like to unstake/stake.
4.Make sure your information is correct. When you are ready, click the Confirm button and confirm the action in your wallet.
5.After a short wait, your new balance will show in the details. If you've unstaked your LP Tokens, any unharvested rewards you had will automatically have been collected.

Removing your liquidity

2.To remove your liquidity, please read how to remove liquidity.

Harvest your mining rewards

1. Click the claim button to harvest your rewards, make sure you have enough rewards to cover the gas cost.
2. Confirm your action in your wallet.
3. After a short wait, you will see your ZNT rewards balance in your wallet.
4. You can trade out your ZNT

Stake WCUBE/ZNT LP Tokens Guide

You can provide WCUBE - ZNT or CUBE-ZNT liquidity on Capricorn to get WCUBE-ZNT LP tokens.