You pay lower interest on Zenith because:
  1. 1.
    The borrower will receive ZNT Rewards as well
  2. 2.
    Your actual pays = Interest rate - ZNT rewards

Borrow tokens from Zenith

1. Select your collateral and make a deposit first .
2. Once your deposit is completed, set it as collateral and confirm in your wallet.
3. Find the asset you want to borrow and enter the amount.
4. Click Borrow now and confirm in your wallet.
5. You will receive your loan in a few seconds.

Repay your Loans

It's simple to repay your loans, we will use USDT as an example.
1. Make sure you have enough USDT in your wallet.
2. Select the amount you want to pay back, and you may need to authorize your transactioin if this is the first time you process it.
3. Go through the steps and you are in good credits now!
4. If you want to remove your collateral, you can find from withdraw your deposit.